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If you leave any sexual situation hurt, unsure, or confused, there is help. Talk to a friend, get support, or learn more about how to report it. There are options.

It’s never your fault. Ever. Sexualized assault is the result, always, of a person’s choice to pursue activity without clear and ongoing consent from the other person.

1 in 4 Canadian women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime and the rate of sexualized violence against women in the Yukon was 3.5 times higher than the national average in 2011.

Sexual violence is taboo in our culture and there are many ways that survivors are silenced. You don’t have to go through this alone. There are supports.

What can I do?

  • Take care of yourself, in whatever way feels good for you
  • Know that your feelings are real and you are entitled to them.
  • Talk to someone you trust.
  • You have the right to set boundaries for yourself, and to have those boundaries respected.

Who can I talk to?

Kaushee’s Place – Women’s Transition Home

Call our 24-hour Crisis Line: 867-668-5733

*Call us collect if you cannot afford the cost.

French services available on request – services en français sur demande


Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre Women’s Advocate

The Women's Advocate helps women assess their options at times of crisis. She helps with basic services - financial, legal, social, housing and employment – while supporting women to trust in their own judgment, and make positive decisions for themselves.

French services available on request – services en français sur demande

867-667-2693  |


Kwanlin Dun Health Centre

The Health Centre is unique in its integration of programming that forms a continuous stream from pre-birth to death.

We have four counsellors providing services to children, youth, adults, couples, families, and elders. Counselling is free and confidential. You can come in by yourself, or bring a family member or a friend. You could also ask one of the other Health Centre staff or nurses to introduce you to a counsellor. You could also be referred by another person in the community.

Come by during Health Centre hours or call 867-668-7289 for an appointment.


Sexualized Assault Response Team

Yukon's Sexualized Assault Response Team (SART) provides a safe and confidential network of services that focus on your needs and choices.

If you've experienced a sexualized assault and choose to access services in Whitehorse, we can:

  • guide you through the process; or
  • be an ally to talk to.
  • We will walk along with you down any path you choose.

What options are there to report a sexualized assault?

If you have been the victim of a sexualized assault, you can report to the RCMP. Staff from Victim Services, Yukon Women’s Transition Home, Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre, and many other service organizations can support you.

You can also choose to file a Third-Party Report with staff at Kaushee’s Place. This is an option for victims of sexualized assault who are 19 or older and have made the informed decision not to report to RCMP. Your report will be provided to the RCMP without your name being identified. This will help police identify similar trends and repeat offenders of sexualized assault.

A victim of sexualized assault doesn’t have to be staying at Kaushee’s Place to access Third-Party Reporting, and it is available to both women and men. For more information please visit

A victim of sexualized assault can also choose to go to a hospital or health centre, so health professionals can collect evidence of the assault using a sexual assault evidence kit (also called a ‘kit’ or ‘rape kit’). This kit collects DNA and other evidence.

The sexualized assault does not have to be reported to the RCMP to have the kit done. Evidence from the kit can be kept for up to six months.